FAQ Hair extensions

Is every shampoo and conditioner good for hair extensions?
No, not every shampoo will work equally well for extensions. It also does not matter whether your product was bought at the salon or at the supermarket. Some less expensive shampoos will even feel nicer than the more expensive shampoos. Your hair will feel soft and supple when you use a good shampoo. We recommend using L'Oréal Professional for a guaranteed good shampoo and conditioner.

Can I use serums, mousse, hair spray and other care products on my extensions?

Yes, because the cuticle layer of the hair is entirely intact, which means that it can absorb products just like your own hair and won’t become dirty or sticky from using these products. Please do take into account that not every brand will be equally suitable for use. In particular products that contain too much alcohol can dry out both your own hair as well as the hair extensions. We advise using L'Oréal Professional products.

Can I color my extensions?

Yes, extension hair can be colored along with your own hair without this causing any damage. The extension hair takes the dye very well and you can easily color it one to two shades darker. The bonds can also be colored and will not be damaged by the dye.  However, please do consider that the hair extensions have already been processed and stem from different DNA and from a different person than your own hair. This may cause the hair extensions to color a little differently than your own hair. And just like your own hair, the color can fade a bit after you wash it a few times. Red in particular is a color that fades faster than other colors. We recommend that you always color a small test area first so that you can be sure of the correct color results.

Can I blow-dry my hair?
Yes, you can blow-dry your hair any way you like without it losing its elasticity or vitality. The bonds will remain firm and not soften due to blow dryer use close to the scalp.

Can I style my hair extensions using a styling or curling iron?

Yes, you can style your hair as desired into whatever hairdo you wish with a styling tool of your choice. Your hair will have an extra nice sheen due to this and will not lose any quality whatsoever.

Can I brush my extensions when they are wet?

Yes, the hair extensions will not lose their elasticity.

Won’t the hair extensions fall out from my hair by using conditioner or hair masks?
No, you can safely use conditioner and hair masks, including over the bonds. The extensions will not fall out.

Can the hair be reused?
Yes, Indian Gold hair is very durable and will remain beautiful. Therefore, it can be reused, if desired. Note: Taking good care of your extensions and using good care products are crucial for this.

Won’t the Indian Gold hair extensions become dull and dry after washing them a few times?
No, our hair extensions still have their own cuticle layer, which ensures good protection and a healthy sheen of the hair. With many other brands the cuticle layer is removed and replaced by a silicone layer, which is washed away after several washings. Without a silicone layer these hair extensions lose their sheen and quality and look dull and dry.

Won’t the extensions become tangled with time?
No, the hair is remy sorted and has its own cuticle layer. Thanks to this it won’t tangle. However, just like with your own hair, it does need to be brushed from scalp to ends in order to prevent tangling.

How long can I keep my hair extensions in?
That depends on correct attachment as well as on the rate at which your own hair grows. With correct attachment and average hair growth, we recommend removing the hair extensions after three to four months and reattaching them, if desired. The extensions can remain in longer, but this does increase the chance of damaging your own hair (tangles and breakage of the hair between the scalp and the bonds).