In stock: Yes

Colornumber: Indian Gold
Type: Starterset Soak-off Nail polish
Amount: 1
per set (ex. Vat)



Starterset Soak-off Nail polish


Everything you will need to prepare and remove your Soak-off gel nailpolish.

• 1x Indian Gold Led Lamp
• 1x Top Coat
• 1x Base Coat
• 2x Color polish of your choice
• 1x Colorchart
• 1x Glas File
• 1x Iron Naillpusher
• 1x Bufferblock
• 1x Soak-Off Wraps
• 1x Soak-Off remover
• 1x Alcoholpreps

Please let us know which 2 colors of nail polish you prefer in the "remarks" when you finisch your order.